A Stem Cell scientist using a microscope

Like many leading research universities, The University of Manchester is conducting research into how stem cells and regenerative medicine can be used to treat disease and restore function to damaged tissues and organs.

This includes generating insulin producing cells from embryonic stem cells, regenerating peripheral nerves using mesenchymal stem cells from fat tissue, and using adult mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow and fat tissue to treat back pain.

Researchers recently developed a method of creating chondrocytes from embryonic stem cells, which may pave the way for them to be used to treat cartilage defects and osteoarthritis.

Researchers at the university have also generated new clinical-grade embryonic stem cells lines which have the potential to be used therapeutically in humans to treat disease and regenerate tissues and organs.

To find out more about the research on-going in Manchester and hear from some of the scientists involved, please click here.

The University of Manchester also host the Centre for Regenerative Medicine and the Northwest Embryonic Stem Cell Centre. Click on the links to find out more.

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